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Graying Hair Treatment: What Does Your Gray Hair Tell You?

What are the best natural remedies for gray hair and are there any that can work? What does cause your hair to go gray?

Luckily for your there are some natural remedies that some people have reported work for reversing premature gray hair or at least stop the process. They are all natural and don’t involve any unnatural and toxic hair dyes. Read More

Super Simple Face Bath That Regenerates Your Face Skin

Did you know that a face bath using carbonadet (sparkling) water can clean and help your face skin regenerate? Yes, that's a thing know.

This method was first popular in Japan, but know it's spread all over Europe and Korea. The thing with this is that the carbon dioxide bubbles deep-cleanse your pores by acting as micro brushes. They reduce puffiness and firm the skin while removing dead skin cells. They supply the deep layers of skin barriers with oxygen which helps your skin circulation. The end result is smooth uneven complexion and bright overall skin tone. Read More

Keep a Healthy Skin

People say that it's what is on the "inside" that counts, and that beautiful exterior is not important. Yes, that is true, but why not have beautiful extreriot and keep a healthy skin? The skin is the first thing that people see on you, and the first thing that you bother with when you an infront of the mirror. Yes, it may not matter what other people think, but it does matter how you feel about yourself. Read More