Help Your Dog with Pink Himalayan Salt

Just like yourself, your dog too needs plenty of minerals in his food to have a healthy and care-free life. So, help your dog by adding a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to each meal it gets. But, don't over salt it because just as people, your dog doesn't like to eat a salty meal.

If you are into healthier diets, you probably know by now that regular table salt is very highly processed and thus unnatural. With the processing treatment the table salt is stripped of any nutrient and important minerals, which makes it practically worthless except that it gives taste. This is why doctors and nutritionists have been recommending the use of pink Himalayan salt lately.

You may find pink Himalayan salt in your nearest grocery store, or you can order it online. This amazing salt found deep in the Himalayan mountains can be even bought as salt licks for dogs. 

Help Your Dog with Pink Himalayan Salt
Himalayan salt lick for pets.

Either way, you have to have it because it's good for you too. Pink himalayan salt can help your dog and you in many wonderful ways because it replenishes our body with a plethora of minerals that we or our dog is missing from our everyday diets.

How Can You Help Your Dog With Pink Himalayan Salt?

The benefits that your dog can have from pink Himalayan salt is slower aging by improving its heart health, reducing water retention, restoring the pH balance, stronger bones, better circulation especially in elderly dogs, lower blood pressure, better digestion and all the minerals that it lacks. All of this is helpful for our bodies too.

You can't help your dog by giving it generic dog food. It's a low quality food that can cause many chronic health problems and digestive disorders. Even the "best" dog foods can be problematic. Big organizations like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) have stated that pet food labels don't mean anything. You can't trust them when they say "healthy", "natural" and "GMO-free".

On the contrary, pet foods are the most GMO grains-filled foods. Pet foods contain many meat byproducts from diseased animals such as shelter animals and road kills, synthetic preservatives and food-grade carrageenan that is linked to intestinal inflammation.

The best way to help your dog by guaranteeing it a healthy life is to make your own pet food. You can find many pet food recipes online that include all the nutrients that your dog needs in its everyday diet.

But, either way, always use a pinch of pink Himalayan salt in your dogs meal. That way you help your dog in the most assuring way.


However, salt can be toxic if you use it in high dosages. Even if your dog is a big one it doesn't mean you have to use higher amounts. Just add a pinch because otherwise you can cause it to dehydrate and ruin his liver.

Be mindful and moderate, and you can stil help your dog.

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